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Safe, Secure and Fully Insured

Your digital Gold fully backed by LBMA approved physical Gold. Reserves are held securely with Brinks at their facility in London, Heathrow. Insurance against all risks, on us!

Allocated Gold holdings are auditable against our numbered physical bullion reserves. You can rest assured, your Gold is always accounted for!

If you require further assurance, GCX operates a cryptographic 'proof of reserves' and you can independantly verify that what is in the vault matches what is in your account!'

Digital Gold

Buy as little as 0.001g up to tonnes of Gold. You may request delivery any time if you have enough bullion in your account.

We can deliver your bars in 100g or 1kg sizes all the way up to LBMA 12.4kg good delivery size.

Send & Receive Gold for Free

Send and receive digital Gold from anywhere in the world for free! With just an email or Mobile phone.

Spend your Gold using your GCX Prepaid MasterCard in 35 million locations worldwide! Once your account is verified you're entitled to a free virtual MasterCard.

Spend your Gold globally using a Solid Gold, Plastic or Virtual GCX MasterCard

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